Course: Digital Photography I

Assignment: Capture and compose a cohesive series of ten photographs for a final assignment.

The middle child of three girls, I was raised in a family of women. Growing up with an older sister who had been adopted at birth and a younger sister who, like me, was a product of In-Vitro Fertilization using my maternal aunt’s egg, my own understanding and experiences of sisterhood quickly became one of unconditional love and sacrifice. Sisterhood, as I have come to know it, is a heart wrenching journey that requires each sister to learn to embrace and love all of the flaws, idiosyncrasies and eccentricities of someone who is often uncannily like herself.

My motivations for this project were to capture and document aspects of my own experience of sisterhood. Photographing myself amongst my sisters, mother, aunt, and cousins, I sought to juxtapose physical and abstract notions of love, acceptance, tension, distance, and time across the different generations and genetics. One of the tools I used to convey these ideas is that of depth. In certain images, I manipulate depth to signify age or order while in others, depth might create lines or relationships drawing parallels of genetic similarity, and calling on notions of self-reflection and growth.

A designer by education and profession, I bring a unique artistic whimsicality to all of my work. For me, design and art are inextricable. Whether I am 3D modeling and printing a mechanical part for an engineering class or capturing self portraits for a photography class, I actively work to maintain a strong sense of individuality, creativity and aesthetics in everything I create. When photographing this series, I obsessed over the objects in the frame as though they were elements of a graphic design, or pieces of a small mechanism—carefully considering the composition and layout of visual elements, the emotions behind the colors and hues, and how different elements work together and interact in order to portray the experience of sisterhood. 

Max-Final-1-The Sterngirls.jpg
Max-Final-2-The Twins.jpg
Max-Final-3-The Hartmann Girls.jpg
Max-Final-4-The Half-Sisters.jpg
Max-Final-5-The Egan Girls.jpg
Max-Final-6-Older Sisters.jpg
Max-Final-7-Younger Sisters.jpg
Max-Final-8-Oldest & Youngest.jpg
Max-Final-9-Two Thirds.jpg