Soundcloud REFRESH

Course: Product Design Methods

Assignment: Redesign an existing interactive system to address cognitive human factors issues.

Award: Won “Best Overall” in the class

Soundcloud is a streaming platform that allows users to upload, share, and listen to audio. Up-and-coming, underground, and seasoned artists are welcomed to contribute Soundcloud–creating a robust collection of podcasts and playlists reinforced by a social and supportive community. Tasked with assessing and reimagining an aspect of the SoundCloud interface, our team developed a new way for listeners to customize their music discovery experience. 

SoundCloud REFRESH enables a users to specify their favorite genres, sort through old favorites, and even discover new music. After identifying their favorite sounds, SoundCloud will use these preferences to suggest artists and playlist for the user to explore. Whether the user is a new or a SoundCloud regular, REFRESH is the best to keep underground, remixed, and fresh collection of sounds true to them.

PIN IN: Click to pin your favorite genres. Don’t see your tunes in our selection? Populate the search bar with what you are looking for. We’ll find your favorites and help you discover using the sounds you already love!

SHUFFLE: Define what you like and we will refine our music suggestions. Press the thumbs up or thumbs down icon next to new music from SoundCloud and music you have already favorited. You can preview, save, and review all of the songs in the shuffle.

SoundCloud REFRESH Team:

Zan Benitez

Christopher Huntley 

Maxine Stern / Invision Design

Indya McGuffin / Presentation Design

Soundcloud Refresh.jpg