the TOBE report

I spent the summer of 2017 interning at The TOBE Report, a Consumer Culture Creative Think Tank owned by The Doneger Group. TOBE defines the influence fashion and aesthetics have on the consumer and delivers creative strategies in the areas of business development, marketing, customer engagement, design & presentation.

TOBE focuses on the way consumers interact with brands and businesses. With all that is in the consumers’ sight lines, TOBE helps businesses pinpoint what will resonate with their audience by energizing client leadership and collaboration across disciplines.

During my time at TOBE, I helped identify trends, collect information, write reports & articles, and learned to present material in an effective and attractive way. I worked on monthly, quarterly, and annual reports as well as custom projects for specific clients. The culmination of my summer was a Final Audition Assignment in which I developed and presented a pitch of an overarching aesthetic trend which I called Nostalgic Tech.